Play-Based Therapies

Our providers can incorporate play-based techniques into their therapeutic approach!

Play is a particularly wonderful way to connect with children. Playing together helps build trust between the child and therapist, and opens the door to communication and emotional processing. It also helps keep children engaged and interested- making therapy fun!

Play-based therapeutic approaches are also effective for people of all ages who may have difficulty discussing their experiences directly. Board games, song lyrics, and drawing are some examples of tools that can be used to access memories or feelings more indirectly in these individuals.

Play at Sunny Days Therapeutics offers many forms such as therapeutic play, art, music, and recreation. 

Let’s get playing!

Cortney Fountain

Therapeutic Play
Talk Therapy

Suzy Huycke

Recreational Therapy

Alexia Johnson

Therapeutic Play
Talk Therapy

Jasey Jones

Therapeutic Play
Art Therapy
Talk Therapy

Amber Miller

Music Therapy

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