Apply for Financial Assistance

At Sunny Days Therapeutics, we strive to help families access the funds they need to provide their loved ones with high-quality therapeutic services for mind, body, and spirit wellness. If you find yourself needing financial assistance, please consider applying for the following grants and programs.

NOW/COMP Waivers

The New Option Waiver (NOW) and Comprehensive Support Waiver Program (COMP) are Medicaid waiver programs available to eligible Georgia residents with intellectual, developmental, or physical disabilities.

These funds are provided to help individuals access various services in the home or community- including group and individual therapy!

Applications are accepted via mail, fax, or in person through the Georgia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities. 

Family Support Services

Family Support Services is a support program for eligible Georgia residents with developmental disabilities living at home with their families, and who are not already receiving a NOW/COMP Waiver. 

These funds are provided to help families families in accessing community services to maintain a cohesive family unit.

Applications are accepted in person through local community-based providers by county. Clarke, Oconee, and several surrounding counties may apply through Advantage Behavioral Health Systems.

Sunny Days Therapeutics Grants

Funded by our sponsors, these grants award credit to your account at Sunny Days that can be used for a variety of services. 

Grants are awarded based on need, as funds are limited. 

Applications are accepted year-round and may be kept on file to be approved when funds are available.

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