Recreational Therapy

Sunny Day Therapeutics provides an ever-growing list of recreation-based activities that  can be used as tools and interventions to help individuals meet their goals. Though we strive to put the fun in function, Recreation Therapy is more than fun and games. The  activities chosen for an individual’s treatment plan will be based not only on personal interests but on the measurable goals the individual is striving to meet. 

For example, playing a game such as Jenga under the supervision of a CTRS can  address fine-motor and eye-hand coordination (grasping the blocks and moving them to  another location), cognitive skills (following directions, reasoning, problem-solving,  concentration), and social skills (turn-taking, developing friendships, sportsmanship,  reading non-verbal cues). 

Cooking under the supervision of a CTRS can address sensory perception (smell and  taste), fine and gross motor skills (grasping utensils, mixing, etc.), cognitive skills  (following directions, measuring), emotional needs (alleviate depression), and basic life  skills. 

  • Board and Card Games
  • Sports
  • Cooking Classes
  • Crafts
  • Creative Writing and Journaling
  • Dance and Movement
  • Drama
    • Exercise and Fitness
    • Gardening
    • Leisure Education
    • Magic
    • Sensory Activities – aroma therapy, tactile activities, etc.
    • Storytelling


1:1 Sessions – you will meet with the Certified Therapeutic Recreation Specialist (CTRS) you will work on goals outlined in your treatment plan after the initial assessment has been completed. 

Group Therapy – Sunny Days offers recreational group therapy led by our recreational therapist for various ages, interests, and goals. Please check out our group therapy page for updated schedule and offerings.

Suzy Huycke

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