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Art Therapy

Are you experiencing any of the following?

  • Difficulty with adjusting to new situations?
  • Having a hard time with past trauma or bullying?
  • Experiencing anxiety?
  • Having growing pains?
  • Struggling with an attention disorder?
  • Dealing with grief and loss?
  • Need to improve fine or gross motor skills?
  • Need to improve communication skills?
  • Need help with cognitive processing?

What is Art Therapy?

The American Art Therapy Association (AATA) defines Art Therapy as “Employing the creative process of art-making to improve and enhance the physical, mental and emotional well-being of individuals of all ages with the aim of resolving conflicts and problems, developing interpersonal skills, managing behavior, reducing stress and increasing self-esteem and awareness.”

The main goal of art therapy is to improve an individual’s ability to function and their sense of well-being.  Art therapists are trained in both art and therapy. Art therapy is not about producing a beautiful piece of artwork, but instead to help people express emotions and traumas, and to release energy in a safe and therapeutic manner.

Art therapy uses creative art media and the completed artwork as a therapeutic and healing process. Art mediums used at Sunny Days will include painting, drawing, sculpture or clay works, and collage, to name a few.

There are many types of art therapy, these are just a few of the many types of art we will be using to help individuals meet their therapeutic goals.  The realizations that come out of art therapy may be “ah-ha” moments for the caregiver as well as the participant.


Jasey Jones

Meet the Art Therapist


1:1 Art Therapy – an art therapist working with an individual to create and implement a treatment plan.  Interventions used will be based on art experiences that are motivating for the individual and that also focus on their specific needs, abilities and goals.

Group Therapy – Our art therapist will lead each group therapy using various art supplies to help with expression and goals.  Group therapy is also a great way to work on social skills!  Groups offered include “My Little Love & Me” for parents and children 5 and under to participate in together, school-aged groups for individuals aged 6 to 17, and groups for our 18+ community.  Each group has targeted goals!  Check out our group calendar for the right fit that will help you achieve your goals.

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